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Buckingham Youth Brigade

BU-GATA Est. 1992

Lead. Educate. Engage.

Creating informed renters and leaders in Arlington, VA 


BU-GATA’s mission is to advance and defend the rights and interests of Arlington’s tenants by empowering them and working together

to preserve affordable housing and the economic and cultural diversity of the community.


BU-GATA serves renters in Arlington, VA through programs aimed at maintaining, and further developing, an informed tenant community knowledgeable and empowered to exercise their rights and understand their role in obtaining and maintaining housing affordability in the County.


BU-GATA organizes two annual community events, the Buckingham Community Festival and the Buckingham Holiday Party.  


Resources & Education

Contact BU-GATA if you have questions on rental housing-related issues. 

BU-GATA hosts educational workshops on tenant rights and community resources. 

If you need rental assistance or food assistance, contact us for information.  



Mailing Address:


P.O. Box 3824 Arlington, VA 22203

Tenant Outreach Office:

4108 N. 4th St. 

Arlington, VA 22203


T e l : 7/0/3 - 4/6/5 - 5/5/7/0

Youth Programs Office: 

4324 N. 4th St. #1

Arlington, VA 22203

(Cesar Chavez Community Center)

T e l : 5/7/1 - 4/8/3 - 0/3/4/5

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