Buckingham Youth Brigade

BU-GATA Est. 1992

Lead. Educate. Advocate. Engage.


Creating informed renters and leaders in Arlington, VA. 

Where there is a renter, BU-GATA is there!


BU-GATA advocates for Arlington's renter community for housing that is safe, decent, and affordable at all income levels.

BU-GATA serves all renters in the rental market in Arlington, VA through programs aimed at maintaining, and further developing, an informed tenant community knowledgeable and empowered to exercise their rights and understand their role in obtaining and maintaining housing affordablility in the County.

Contact BU-GATA if you have questions on rental housing-related issues. 


BU-GATA organizes two annual community events, the Buckingham Community Festival and the Buckingham Holiday Party.  


Resources & Education

BU-GATA advocates for tenant protections and access to services in Arlington County. 

Contact BU-GATA if you have any questions or concerns about tenant issues or landlord disputes. 

BU-GATA provides referrals for financial and food assistance. 

BU-GATA hosts educational workshops on renting and tenant issues.


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