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The Buckingham Youth Brigade (BYB)

The Buckingham Youth Brigade is a program that encourages civic and leadership development of youth ages 14-18

Building a sense of pride in their community, the Buckingham Youth Brigade has a novel approach in that emphasizes self-sufficiency and self-esteem.  The program engenders civic responsibility by addressing problems in the community, using mentors and family as support systems. 


The program is unique in that it focuses resources on developing a targeted approach to the problems of juvenile crime and high drop-out rates of Hispanic and other minority children, as well as addresses the problems inherent in the limited education backgrounds of many parents.

BYB provides youth with skills and resources to overcome peer pressure and limited economic resources by emphasizing self-esteem and self-sufficiency.


Primary purposes include building civic responsibility and leadership skills. The program focuses on youth's creative and intellectual energies towards the community, thus encouraging community service participation and building a sense of pride in their community. BYB provides and connects students to resources needed to enrich, support, and guide the educational growth of its students, regardless of immigration status.

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