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Our History

BU-GATA, a multi-issue organization, was organized and created by a group of Latino tenants in 1992 to stop the displacement of low-income residents from an apartment complex.  As the organization grew residents began to broaden BU-GATA’s focus to include community stability and in 1998, addressed another neighborhood need – youth leadership development – by creating the Buckingham Youth Brigade (BYB).  In 2010 BU-GATA started the Junior BYB program for elementary and middle school students.  From inception BU-GATA has tenants at its core focus while also working to remove barriers and obstacles that affect the Latino and immigrant community.  

BU-GATA advocates for affordable housing, partners and collaborates with other community organizations for the production and preservation of affordable housing in Arlington County, Virginia.  


BU-GATA works with Arlington County renter community to educate renters about tenant rights&responsibilities, landlord rights&responsibilities, and educate tenants on how to resolve tenant-landlord issues that may arise during the tenancy.  

Through our outreach programs, BU-GATA identifies issues that affect the Latino and immigrant community.  In October 2013, BU-GATA conducted the first-ever Latino led community forum in which the community came together to discuss issues that affect their daily life and living in Arlington.  

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