Programs: Our overarching philosophy is grounded in advocacy for Arlington immigrant residents, requesting culturally competent access to County services. Because the majority of BU-GATA clients are Spanish speaking, we strive for increased access to Spanish translation or Spanish language materials and services that meet the needs of our population and its changing demographics. 


Housing Programs

Resident education on housing issues and their rights, working to preserve affordable housing in the neighborhoods throughout Arlington, intervention and mediation with landlords, eviction prevention, development of tenant-friendly housing programs and minimizing the impact of displacement in Buckingham and other Arlington neighborhoods. Other programs include monitoring of relocation plans, ensuring that residents stay in their housing units and are not evicted.

Promotoras: BU-GATA is implementing a County-wide program using a peer-to-peer network of neighborhood connectors or liaisons to help immigrants and others with language difficulties gain access to County services.


Youth programs: BU-GATA works year-round with young people in the communities we serve to emphasize the importance of education and civic participation, with focus on high school graduation, college attainment and community identity and leadership skills.

  • Buckingham Youth Brigade, an award-winning after-school program for teens, ages 14-18 and;
  • Jr. BYB for middle school children, ages 10-13.

Summer Youth Program: serves students ages 10-13 that live in the Buckingham Neighborhood. It is a five day a week camp. Three days during the week the students stay local in Arlington or at the Community Center where they engage in exercises and activities that enrich summer learning and facilitate positive behavior.

Community events: Sponsor and organizer of two annual events: the Holiday party and the Buckingham Community Festival.

If you need further assistance or guidance, call BU-GATA or visit our Outreach Office.  Information on our Contact page.