Housing-related programs

Resident education on housing issues and their rights, working to preserve affordable housing in Arlington, intervention and mediation with landlords, development of tenant-friendly housing programs and minimizing the impact of displacement in Arlington neighborhoods. Other programs include monitoring of relocation plans, ensuring that residents stay in their housing units and are not evicted.


  1. Fights for tenants’ issues
  2. Educates tenants about their rights
  3. Advocates for pro-tenant policies

Know Your Rights:

Not to be discriminated against – Arlington County prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, marital status, handicap, elderliness, or familial status

To report maintenance problems to management

To apply for rent assistance

To read and understand a lease before signing

To form, or be a member of, a tenant association – Virginia State law protects tenants who organize or join tenant associations from retaliatory action by a landlord

If you need further assistance or guidance, call BU-GATA or visit our Outreach Office.  Information on our Contact page.