BYB Junior

The Junior Buckingham Youth Brigade (Jr BYB) is an after school program that serves students ages 10-13. The students meet twice a week, once for workshops and once for homework help. The students are at-risk youth who live in the Buckingham Neighborhood in Arlington, VA.

The two most important features of this program are the weekly workshops and the field activities. The weekly workshops are where students are led through exercises providing them with a base to make better decisions, improve their self-esteem, encourage a sense of civic responsibility and learn how to be a leader. Our field activities are as equally as important. Many of these students come from families where venturing outside of their school and neighborhood is not possible. Our field activities take students to educational sites and recreational activities that are beyond their normal world. This exposure component is essential to positive youth development for at-risk children, expanding their horizons and increasing their level of confidence.

In addition to exercises ad games during our workshops these young students also work on community projects to broaden their sense of civic responsibility. In 2011, the Junior Buckingham Youth Brigade conducted a series of interviews and community assessments to discover outdoor recreational needs of youth in the neighborhood. This assessment resulted in partnering with Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation to aid in the design of an up and coming park to ensure it is more youth friendly. The expected park completion is not until 2015 and to this day the students continue to receive positive feedback from county adults on how important and valuable their contribution really was.


If you need further assistance or guidance, call BU-GATA or visit our Outreach Office.  Information on our Contact page.