Overview of BU-GATA


Organized by a group of Latino tenants in 1992, BU-GATA was created to stop displacement from a neighborhood multi-family complex, the Gates of Arlington. As the organization grew stronger, residents began to broaden BU-GATA’s focus to include community stability, and in 1998, addressed another neighborhood need – youth leadership development – by creating the Buckingham Youth Brigade. As a community-based non-profit, BU-GATA has focused on defending tenants, educating residents about their rights, and fighting to preserve the community when gentrification threatens.

Our Mission

BU-GATA is a community-based organization that works with adults and youth to provide culturally competent advocacy, education and leadership development throughout Arlington, Virginia, with a particular focus on renter advocacy and civic engagement in low-income, immigrant communities.  

Our goals

  • Create new community leaders who come from the low-income immigrant population
  • Encourage youth to serve as role models for younger children
  • Engage youth and adults in public dialogue and problem-solving
  • Increase high school graduation rates and overall educational attainment levels
  • Strengthen relationships with the County agencies, the school system, and other regional community-based organizations
  • Positive intervention and mediation between landlords and tenants resulting in strengthened relationships between the two
  • To Promote neighborhood stabilization and community activities, especially for the youth.
  • To train and educate renters and community residents about their rights and housing choices, with especial emphasis on the economically most vulnerable residents.


If you need further assistance or guidance, call BU-GATA or visit our Outreach Office.  Information on our Contact page.